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Hi, i was just wondering does anybody else notice their psoriasis starts to get alittle better if they get slightly sun burnt? Ive noticed same thing with uvb light treatment it starts to work when i get slightly over cooked.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Alan, yes mine can, think it burns it off in the sun for me anyway,last year i got burnt bad with no sun screen in tenerife, it still got better, maybe i should stick a blow torch to myself to see if that works also :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Alan good to see you back! I haven't really had a sun burn in a long time. I think though that my p gets somehow worse after sunshine! I think initially it clears it up and then it comes back with a vengeance...

Arti Sharma
Arti Sharma @arti00

Sun light is mandatory for skin specially for PS sufferings..
It kills bacteria who responsible for itching and making faster skin layers formation..
Doctors always recommend to take sun bath and do treatment with UV lights..
If u had UV light treatment u noticed that u stop feeling itching in that area..

Michelle @michelle1021

Lol. Hi Alan. Over cooked. Ok so this is what I did and how I saw improvement on my P (by accident). As most know, I'm a coal tar fan right? So, we went to Kwazulu Natal the one year (centuries ago) and I religiously (3x a day) moisturized my legs and arms. (I mix my coal tar with aqueous). I got sunburned. Now as you know, you need to stay out of the sun when you apply coal tar as you can get a nasty sun burn. I did not know that. As soon as I saw I was starting to turn red I moved into the shade. Next morning, my arms and legs were sensitive but not sore at all. Next day, I was like a brownish skin color (I used to be very pale). I did not go into the sun for the next 3 days. My P, looked awesome. It was wasn't thick and scabby. 4th day, I sat in the sun for 30 minutes as I could see the sun was good for my P. Anyway, to make a long story short - after 3 weeks my P has improved. It wasn't gone but it was skin color and to me, I was looking so damn saxxxy! Since then, I've sat in the sun with my coal tar mix for about 1-2 hours (mornings between 08:00 - 11:00). I'm still doing the same ritual every weekend. The sun and coal tar mix works for me but remember, it might not work for you. Don't go and apply coal tar while sun bathing. The sunburn might make your P worse. Rather take it slow.

Michelle @michelle1021

John, a blow torch? Oh my. That sounds so painful but hey, it might work! lol. Just kidding. Don't try this at home people!

Susan @godcares

Yes. I remember that burning always made my skin better. Thankfully I always loved the sun!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Haha ,well it would burn them off michelle but maybe take the rest of me with it :)

Michelle @michelle1021

lol. we don't want that John. Look for an alternative rather. They say...the sun is excellent for P :) lol.

deborah @deborah4

I really like "sympathy for the skin" made by LUSH. Not sure is it's available outside of Canada though. It's all handmade and 100% vegetarian. It's such a nice cream that I have to resist eating it however LOL. It smells like vanilla pudding. * thought I was replying to someone's question about creams and this post ended up here.... oops!

Michelle @michelle1021

lol. it's okay Deborah. I get confused a lot when commenting on a subject. My daughter bought some vanilla hand cream as well and oh smelled so nice. I had to refrained myself from licking the bottle. It reminded me of condensed milk so my daughter went and bought me a can. I don't have the courage to eat it though. My P will go up in flames.

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Alan @alan80
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Had P for 20 years now, its time to meet and talk to people who really understand. Im in UK near York

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