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Psoriasis nightmare last night! I oiled my head up last night like I do, and then afterwards realised that I had run out of shampoo. The horror and dread of having to use a different bath product (body wash) that might flare the skin up! Argh! 😱😱😱


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes i have been there Sarah many times with shampoo and used what ever else was available at the time, my exes shampoo, okay to use a couple of times after that, best not

Chris @Chris70

We used to use washing up liquid in the 70's when that happened !

Michelle @michelle1021

It is a horror Sarah. Happened to me a few times as well and now I make sure I have 2 bottles in my bathroom in case this happens again.

Bev @bev43

How is your head today Sarah?

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Try with nightmare that My substitute doctor is not listening me regarding treatmants, and she is out of school like 25 or something, and then foot skin brokes on both feet during the night. Not shampoo crazy any more? :D

Linda @justicejones

What do you do when your scalp flares up.I am new to this and want to avoid problems.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Ohh no Sarah, I hope you didn't react badly to it. What is washing up liquid Chris?
Linda I use tgel extra strength when my scalp flares.

Andy @andy7

Linda, my scalp use to be like a snow drift so embarrassing. I thought cut your hair short and allow the rays to help. I now cut my hair back to the wood every week. Wouldn’t recommend you doing that Linda. 😊 X

Sarah @sarahuk

It was really horrible feeling the dread of what might happen! I used some of my children's body wash stuff, I didn't keep it on my head long at all, just long enough to wash and then straight off. There was some prickling, after but to be honest my scalp was prickling a little before as well because that's why I put the oil on... Yes I use oil to control my flares Linda. Check out the themes section for posts about scalp psoriasis!


Martha @martha8

I have it on my scalp and in my ears need advice

Chris @Chris70

I find for my ears Vaseline works best

Bev @bev43

Martha I used a steroid gel for a few days and since then I moisturise at least twice a day. I still itch a lot even when my ears are clear but the home made cream takes it. away.

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