...feeling okay Jeff @jeff8642


Hi thanks for letting me join.
I use a creeam with chick weed in it , i does not stop the scale but it helps.


Theme Psoriasis and Moisturising Natural approaches to Psoriasis

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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Jeff, Welcome to Flaym! Glad to hear your cream helps! What helps me really great with plaques is Lemon applied on my skin. Sounds strange, but it really helps! Have you ever heard of it before?

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Jeff, I used to have chickweed in my garden as a child. I didn't know it could help! Michelle here makes a lot of her own salves, I bet she'll be interested in this ingredient. If you'd like some other ideas for natural approaches, check out the section in the themes area on the top bar. Very interesting tips!

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