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So, I have been suffering with my psoriasis now for about 7 years and psoriatic arthritis for about 3. Life is miserable. I am in constant pain. There are days when I can even get out of bed. I have psoriasis that covers 75% of my body. Its horrible.


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Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Patty. It sounds like a real down cycle with your psoriasis right now. I really hope you will feel less alone now that you are part of a group of people who understand what it is to live with psoriasis, and to go through the emotions it brings with it. We are all here to share and support. Many of us have or have had huge coverage of psoriasis too, and associated pain. Really hope you'll feel some sense of reassurance now that you're connected here!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Patty, have you tried diet/lifestyle changes? i improved my arthritis a lot by changing my diet/lifestyle and i can still let my hair down now and again, its what we eat that can cause inflammation, my nails look good and skin is less flakey,I changed my diet mainly for my joints,Diet/lifestyle change is a choice,some changes in diet/lifestyle is better than none but , it is a choice a choice for everyone , sorry about your troubles, i wish you well Patty

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