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Have it on my scalp when stressed,I use [...] which is great only when I feel an outbreak coming on,it stops it in its tracks and l' occitane hair products.


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Margaret, welcome to Flaym! Really good to hear you've found a few things that are helping you along the way. Thanks for sharing! I love L'Occitane products, well I used to when before I had my kids and they sapped all my spare money 😆 I haven't used them recently and don't know how they would be on my skin. But I'd love to try one day!

Eileen @eileen60

Mine is in my head it is really terrible I have tried two drugs the first one worked really well but damaged my kidneys and the other is not working it really gets me down , I am continually scratching and that makes it worse I know I really need some other type of help

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