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Ok, now I'm really upset at this stupid psoriasis... I now have it on both eye lids and at the corners of my mouth. I peel like a dang onion! I hate this stupid disease!


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Glanis @glanis

I have it on my lips and up my nose as well

Michelle @mishlyn

So sorry to hear that Tammy. Those spots would be irritating and painful. Are you able to keep them moisturized? Ever try coconut oil on those sensitive areas? Good to see you back :)

Linda @justicejones

I am new to this too Tammy. It is very upsetting for sure!
Reading about the success others are having coping or learning about what might cause flare ups gives me hope that there may be some control. Ha g in there! 🙏

Sarah @sarahuk

I understand the anger that goes with this. And on the face too, it's so hard to treat as we try to avoid steroids, and so visible to others too... so the whole confidence thing. I get it! Have you found a moisturiser that suits your face without being too greasy? For me, I have come to a point where instead of being angry at my body like I used to be, now I actually admire my body as an amazing feat of science for doing what it thinks it needs to, to combat whatever it is combatting. My body is just misguided! The mysteries of psoriasis...

Ava @ava1

About a year ago I stumbled across a remedy that has worked since - castor oil. Some people (generally with low thyroids) put it on their eyelids and eyebrows to enhance growth. Well, that didn't work for me, but castor oil does seem to stop psoriasis on my eyelids, sometimes in its tracks, but always within three days. Hope it works for you, too! I've tried, but that trick doesn't seem to work anywhere else ....

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