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I've been struggling with psoriasis for several years now and have slowly been wrangling my diet into conformity with what's needed to heal from the inside out. Already enjoying your informative posts and looking forward to learning more!


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Welcome to Flaym Ava! Great to hear you are experimenting with your diet to work from the inside out. What have you discovered so far? Hope you are well well!

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Ava! It's great that you have already discovered that diet can be a potential factor for some people to improve the symptoms of psoriasis. This inside out approach is something many of us here at Flaym consider in our lifestyles! For me I had no concept of it for 20 years, and only this year I have realised that diet can help. I'm doing the full Autoimmune Protocol approach to work out what food triggers I may have. It's a long process but I hope worth it! Sending support for whichever dietary approach you choose to take. And hope you'll find lots of other useful tips and approaches from all of our Flaymers too!

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome Ava. You're in the best place to get advice. I believe that cleaning from the inside out will help my P and it has actually. Good luck!

Ruben @ruben

Welcome to the Flaymily Ava, I only started realizing that healing/good skin comes from the inside when joining Flaym. Diet is key! Diet to heal and lemon applied topically to help speed up the process :)

Glam @glam1

I,ve had p for 5 years. I,m convinced it started with an infection. Once it was diagnosed, consultant prescribed [...] which was effective. Unfortunately, can,t get it anymore. Now have to use hydrocortisone, with far less effect. Most other creams are too strong for me. I also try to be aware of my diet

Ava @ava1

Michelle, I've been moderating my diet for the past 2-3 years -focusing on eating clean by avoiding processed foods, GMO's, and meats laced with hormones and antibiotics. To address leaky gut issues, I've drastically reduced my intake of white flour and sugar products, using only honey, maple syrup, and gluten-free flours at home, where I consume most of my meals. I’ve sworn off antibiotics and all drugs, over-the-counter and prescription and use is homeopathic remedies and essential oils where needed. Once a serious "junk-food junkie," my tastes have thankfully shifted as I've been working my way back from near disability with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and psoriasis, which is now my most hated offender. I’m naturally shifting closer to Pagano’s diet, so it's likely where I'm supposed to be. I eat red meat less than once a week and enjoy salads, a greater variety of veggies, and naturally sweetened desserts. That said, I clearly need to eat a LOT more fish and a LOT more vegetables. (Working on that!) As crazy-itchy psoriasis (and some pain from CFIDS, particularly in non-summer months) persists, it's clear that I need to take a step I've scrupulously tried to avoid - the elimination of cheese and potatoes - my two besties! July is a month of on-going celebrations ending with a week at the beach with family, so I’m not looking for total elimination of these foods until August, when I’m home alone again. Even so, I have decided that the little bit of cheese left in my refrigerator and the few potatoes left in my larder will be the last I have here in the house. Forays out with family may thus provide some evidence as to which among my beloved foods are actually the culprits! In the meantime, I found only yesterday that this combo works to soothe the crazy-making itch for me: 2 drops grapeseed oil and 1 drop each frankincense and myrrh.

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