...feeling okay deborah @deborah4


This is the first two days in a row I've had off in a couple of years! I'm feeling good about it. I plan to do very little :) I'm feeling very tired and I needed to take a break. My P has been acting up big time. Holiday weekend here in Canada.


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deborah @deborah4

Turned my phone off for today and tomorrow... my work keeps phoning to get me back in. ... ugh...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sounds good to me,rest does help, why i am being lazy,thats me excuse Have
a happy hoiiday :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Enjoy the rest Deborah, two days in a row! Ignore that phone as much as you humanly can 💚

Ava @ava1

Rest, relaxation, and proper food - the best medicine! Take care of YOU and put the phone where you can't even see it. It'll be there when your two well-deserved days are up!

deborah @deborah4

Thank you all. I've resisted replying to all text messages also. Even those with an 'incentive' to take clients today LOL. Bad enough I'm working on Monday which is a holiday for most.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

🇨🇦Happy Canada Day Long Weekend Deborah! 🇨🇦 Good to hear you have some time off, you deserve it! Thats a long time to go without 2 days off in a row. Maybe you can try to arrange to have them more often? Hope you are having a relaxing time and keeping cool! Its 42° here in Ontario today.. heatwave for the next week!

deborah @deborah4

Michelle, I SO wish I could manage 2 days off in a row more often. I do have 2 off in a week sometimes, but 2 in a row is rare. I care for seniors and they need assistance. Only 27 here, but being on the ocean and a huge rainstorm yesterday, the humidity is through the roof!! My apartment has been relatively cool up to now, but it's getting sweaty. Sweaty is what drives my P crazy. I hear that we're getting your weather upcoming.... Happy Canada Day Michelle, and thank you.

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deborah @deborah4
Halifax, NS, Canada

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