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Trying to get to know my psoriasis. After a change there is normal skin in the patches. Its less flaky and itchy. Only no improvement in my nails or artritis jet.
Now I am wondering...


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Millionways @millionways

In april I changed my plan.
Started to use different shower/bathing products, lotion and vitamines. And I was stricter on my diet. Then my skin started getting better.
I run out of these products.
Still my skin was getting better.
I had stress, I ate bad things, had weekends with short sleeping and still my skin is getting better.
Now I wonder:
Is it just the randomness of P?
Did the whole package start something, did it reverse something?
Is it the vitamines that work longer?
Or is it the dry warm weather that we are having for a long time?
Enjoying my improvement and wondering what will come.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Probably the weather Millionways, , mine improves a lot with the sun, winter comes i can do everything with diet/lifestyle changes and it still comes back though not bad compared to a lot of people i am sure , i do get less flake build up though,thats something :)

Millionways @millionways

I know, winter is bad for me too. But I never had this kind of improvement in the sumer. Not even during vacation. Time will tell.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Million. When I stopped using all kinds of scented products (even with a normal oil base) my P improved a lot. With the right diet, non scented products and nice weather like John said, your P will get better every day. I used to bath with Vinolia and when I stopped using it, my skin got way better.

Michelle @mishlyn

Such a mystery at times million, but it sounds like you are on the right track! Keep your positivity shining brightly, you are doing amazing! I hope your nails and arthritis can show improvements soon. Do you take an omega 3? Since I have started mine my nails, hair and skin are stronger than ever. I have red it is also good for joint pain.

Sarah @sarahuk

Best thing for it Million! Trying to understand it. My p is so much better since I started thinking about triggers for real and looking into things much more. Knowledge is power! 👊 So glad to hear your improvement is so good right now...

Millionways @millionways

Michelle I dont take omega 3. I take a suplement with different kinds of vitamines for skin, hair and nails. I will look into the omega 3.
Other Michelle I also avoid scented products and trigger food.
But I stopped all this for a few weeks. And the improvement stayed.

Millionways @millionways

Sarah, I think we might never understand the whole thing. If we will that would be amazing big.
Today I am getting the whole package again and can start with the whole programme again. I am looking forward to see what will happen.

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Millionways @millionways
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