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After numerous summers spent covering up, I am realizing that the less I cover up, the better my skin is. I think it is important to let our skin breathe, How often do you get your skin out? Its hard to start.. but gets easier as you go โค


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Rosey @sue2023

Winter cover up and summer,when out in society,when home skin hangs out ,shorts singlet tops and sun,at hone I can be me,but not when out,work shopping,pple visiting,the few party's I get invited to etc

Chris @Chris70

Went to hospital today in shorts a tee-shirt and flip flops,it does take courage but I'm past caring now,wasn't even p related ๐Ÿ˜

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Every little bit helps Sue ๐Ÿ˜Š There once was a time I covered up at home too. If I get a flare up I also cover up lightly if going out. My skin right now is mainly uneven skin tones. With little flakes, still feel self conscious but I just think how far I have come and its getting easier and easier to walk tall and let it out ๐Ÿ˜Š
Good For you Chris!! That is the biggest step I think.. letting go of caring about what others think!

A @millionways

I never worried about showing or not showing my skin. It wasnt a question.
I even didnt know so many people with P were hiding untill I was here on Flaim.
Altought I can imagine and I think you all are so brave if you take the stepp to show a little of yourself that is so vonurable.

Ava @ava1


Nuds @nuds

Today, I went to Wimbledon wearing short shorts( not too short that the butt is showing!)and tee shirt. I just love the feeling of being free & having the guts to do what I want to do and when I want to do it! I got few stares because of my P but I was too happy to care!

Michelle @michelle1021

Michelle, living in SA is not easy. Its always warm and sunny and for us P sufferers it can get difficult. My P needs to breath which is why I dress in flowy long skirts/ dresses like yourself. If you cover up, it will get worse. I wear gypsey tops with flowey skirts/ jeans and I make turns in covering certain areas.

Heather @heather0611

We have 4.5 acres. Out here i wear whatever is weather appropriate. At work Iโ€™m fully covered. Typically I cover when i go to the store however recently Iโ€™ve been dressing weather appropriate bc Iโ€™m more clear and confident. Iโ€™m still not great at making eye contact when Iโ€™m not covered up out of fear someone is starring for good or negative reasons. I just get my groceries and go! Lol.

Bev @bev43

My hubby wears shorts and T's. He has kept his back covered for last couple of years because that's where it was bad. But since the diet and moisturising it's looking so much better. If it can stay that way through winter I'm hoping he will start swimming again in summer

Susan @susan191085

Saw my dermatologist yesterday, she said getting in the sun is good- it calms the immune system.... but not too much, it causes skin cancer.

Leonie Mateer
Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer

Yes Michelle, It is so important to expose your psoriasis to natural sunlight. Even if you strip naked for 15 minutes and hide behind a screen (yes I have done that) Psoriasis heals so well with Vitamin D from the sun:

"Human skin can make large amounts of vitamin D when lots of skin is exposed and the sun is high in the sky. Your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. The part of the sun's rays that is important is ultraviolet B (UVB)."

Jen @jen1984

Wish I could expose my bum cheeks to the sun. Lol. Can't hide in my yard. Neighbours on all sides. I do sit in my bikini most times. Have to find a nudist camp I think! Bit hard when you're on your own though.

Michelle @michelle1021

Lol Jen. Create your own nudist camp in your back yard! I don't like neighbors. They are everywhere!
True Leonie . our P is dependent on the sun and even if we can't get sunlight, the fresh air does wonders to our P.

Rosey @sue2023

Haha I hear you Jen,same,neighbours can see into yard cannot expose bum ,would be a sight to behold .

Michelle @michelle1021

Luckily in SA we have very high walls so they would need a ladder to be able to spy on me. Hopefully they won't get electrocuted from the electric fencing. Lol! Got to love my country.

Jen @jen1984

Lol Michelle and Sue. Unfortunately I don't own the house so there isn't much I can do about it. We have timber slat fences all around about 1.8m high.
I could lie down on a rug or towel and have my wrap next to me to cover myself quickly if need be..... I don't think anyone would get very excited seeing my bare bum anyway...

Michelle @michelle1021

we are in the same boat Jen. I really don't like neighbors. lol

Jane @jane2445

Iโ€™m coming round to the idea that covering up is to cover my embarrassment so if I can get over that it may be a win win situation.

Ava @ava1

You got it, Jane!!!

Sarah @sarahuk

As often as I can when the weather allows! Unless I am looking super flakey, then it takes that extra bit of courage...

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One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: โคwhen you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.โค -Dr Wayne Dyer

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