...feeling proud Sandra @sandra2828


Set Conor up for a Study yesterday...British Association of Dermatologists Biologic Interventions Register (BADBIR) the Consultant said he's the youngest on it....Anything to help other babies and children


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Kim @Foody

Ah. Good luck to Conor. Best wishes.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Thats good Sandra! I hope Conor can find some relief with this program! How is he doing?

Sandra @sandra2828

Skin is doing well...he got bloods taken on Thursday so he's all out of sorts normally back to normal in a day or so....[...] is brilliant

Bev @bev43

Good Luck to Conor and you Sandra

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I am happy to hear his skin is doing well! ❤

Sarah @sarahuk

Fantastic, so glad to hear this! Really hope it brings some great outcomes with it... for Conor and others too!

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Sandra @sandra2828
Stradbally, County Laois, Ireland

My Son has Pustular psoriasis 😓 since he was 5 weeks old

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