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Hello Im new here Im having a fleur up all over my body after stop biologics in jenuary.
I changed diet and trying different natural stuff.
Nothing looks stop it. No itchi tho,looks like strptococo is a big trigger for me,some advice?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Marmara ,welcome to flaym,what do you foods you normally eat in your diet , if you dont mind me asking? sorry about your flare up thanks

Marmara @marmara

I quited of gluten,dont eat meat only chicken once in a long while,no diary,no nightshades,no sugars,processed food ,I eat a lot of almonds,avocado,rice,smoked salmon,kefir and honey,fruit...Thanks John!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Thanks Marmara, ,i eat similar to this , sound good :)

Susan @susan191085

Marmara, I quit using corticosteroids in January and had a similar reaction! I’ve also been eating a similar diet, only I eat more meat and no rice. Last weekend I tried some corticosteroids again, just to see if it might boost the healing process. Nope, skin is even more inflamed and itchier; but you never know unless you try. So, I just wanted you to know I understand your frustration. It’s hard being patient when healing is so slow.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Sorry to hear that Marmara. It sure is hard when the healing is slow, especially after trying many different things to help. Have you ever heard of applying lemon on your skin? Sounds a little crazy.. but my goodness does it work well! Take a look in the themes section for Lemon and see how it has helped many of us here. Welcome to Flaym!

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Marmara and welcome to Flaym! You mentioned that your P was triggered by Streptococcal infection? a positive family history problem? Getting antibiotics will also trigger your P further. How often do you get strep throat and what did your GP say? Most of us Flaymers have changed our diet to improve our Psoriasis and the lemon has worked wonderful for lots of us Flaymers. I don't itch anymore unless I eat the wrong food and now last night I had a terrible itch due to stress but it's okay now. You will find lots of advice on Flaym and I'm glad you joined us. :)

Ava @ava1

Marmara, unless I'm in the hospital dying, I won't take antibiotics, because every time I do, I end up having to renew the prescription and can count on the next infection returning with an even greater vengeance. Antibiotics trigger P, because while subduing the infection for a while, they end up killing off the good bacteria needed for digestion. This causes a whole host of problems - not limited to P. My issues are related more to candida than to strep, so I don't know what you can use for it, but I strongly suggest you look at other methods for dealing with infection: essential oils, homeopathic remedies, specific foods to help with symptoms, etc. Best wishes - and welcome!

Marmara @marmara

Thank y'all !!
@susan191085 try tumwric,I drink it twice at day with almond milk,stopped itchi!!
I just started with the lemon couple days ago,it's amazing already is looking much better!
@michell1021 I feel like is always there,is not a bad infection but I feel like never goes away coughin and feeling it little inflamate...I dont want to do antibiotics either @ava1 that s what Im trying going by the natural way!


Mishlyn @mishlyn

So good to hear Marmara!! :D

Sarah @sarahuk

Yep Marmara, strep is a massive trigger for me too. I went to 80% coverage last year with it in my first guttate outbreak. Now down to maybe 10%, but nothing at all would help for at least 3 months! Got to hang in there... loads of tips here!

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