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Some people claim that replacing cow's milk with goat's milk in their diets is effective at reducing psoriasis symptoms. Has anyone tried this?


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Md @md

I heard that goat milk don’t flare Psoriasis like dairy milk. But I don’t know about it reduces P or not.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Michelle i dont like the taste of it, though some claim its a good alternative to cows milk , if they feel the need to have milk? thank you

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Md & John. I have never tasted goat's milk and I rarely drink milk but I think I should try it. I'm not even sure if our shops sell goats milk.

Carolyn @carolyn947

I can't have any dairy products...makes my P flare up. I use either almond or soy milk

Clint @NJClint

A milk called kiefer is high in pre-biotics

Jenny @jenny8685

I use a goat kefir and although my psoriasis has not changed as yet I feel so much better in myself .

Heather @heather0611

I replaced cows milk with almond milk.

Ava @ava1

I'm not into goat's milk and it appears that cow's milk may not be that "into" me, so I bought a water kefir kit and am going to try my hand at it, a first-time event. Today's task: Activate water kefir grains. Seems easy enough . . . .🤞

Michelle @michelle1021

I don't really drink milk. Can't have milkshakes either but would like a cup of coffee with milk. I only drink milk when I have a cappuccino. Foamed milk.

Bev @bev43

I don't drink milk either. I have my tea black and don't be rink coffee. However, every 3-4 months I treat myself to a Cafe Latte which is basically a milky coffee and I then even add sugar.

Michelle @michelle1021

Well you deserve that Bev and enjoy!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I have never tried Goats milk before Michelle, but I can eat goats cheese with no problem. All other dairy is a no go for me.

Michelle @michelle1021

I think SA is still on the organic type of food as we don't get it here.

Sarah @sarahuk

Nope absolutely not as that goat smell I can only stomach in cheese! And even then, I don't eat cheese right now! Haha!

Clint @NJClint

Say cheese 🧀

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Michelle @michelle1021
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...

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