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We had our baccalaureate mass this morning. Dresscode is to wear skirt. I wear it with stockings to cover pso. Too excited, I saw a runs. I am so late and its too early to buy new one. So I took it off and went to school. Im lowkey proud of myself.


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deborah @deborah4

Hats off to you Honey, be BIGkey proud!

Honey @honey

Thanks deborah. ❤️

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Awesome Honey!! Good for you! As Deborah says, be BIGkey proud!! 😀❤

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Honey I didn't saw You, but I know You were beautiful :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Good for you Honey :)I take my helmet off to you :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Wahoooo! More days like this now Honey!

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Honey @honey

I got it when I was 18 years old....

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