...feeling happy deborah @deborah4


Went to the store with short (er) pants on today. One person glanced down at my legs, but no one chased me down the isle!! Hehe... success!


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Michelle @michelle1021

At least you got a glance girl! Wish I could get a glance. lol. some men are scared of women so they take to glances. haha ;). Glad you're feeling confident by wearing shorter pants Deborah, it's good for oneself to let it all out. I'm proud of you :)

deborah @deborah4

I think the glance was a wtf? But I prefer your interpretation, so I'm going with it! Thanks Michelle.

Clint @NJClint

Both of you are to cute...

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Well done Deborah! That is one of the hardest parts taking that step. I am proud of you too!

Sarah @sarahuk

Amazing! Get those pins out lady!

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deborah @deborah4
Halifax, NS, Canada

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