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I'm a bit chatty today, as I have another day off! Imagine, after having 2 days off in a row only 2 weeks ago!! I am requesting some feedback however.. I have p not only on my ears, but deep down inside. Dr says I'm losing my hearing... anyone else?


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Chris @Chris70

Get in on the outside and in the in lobe,Vaseline is the best thing I've found as it stays on longer .

deborah @deborah4

I sometimes use Vaseline on the outside of my ear, and what's easily reached. Mine has travelled deep into the ear canal and possibly further. Is there anything that can reach that? My hearing Dr knows nothing about psoriases... From what I 'heard' from her, I have plaque or something affecting or effecting (can never get those right, even though I know the difference, in this case I think affecting) my a ability to hear as well as I should. A build up that is making vibration harder... ? Has anyone experienced that?

A @millionways

My ears get infected a lot (inside and outside) because of the p.
The doctor gave me acid eardrops with corticosteroide. I have to use as soon as I think it gets inflammed. When I am on time it will go away in 1 or 2 weeks. When not I will need havier medication. It can be very painfull.
I make shure I clean my ears every day in a smooth and β€œclean” way.
The doctor never told me I could lose my hearing. When its inflaimed I cant hear. When its not inflaimed I can hear normal. (Atleast thats what they tested, my husband and kids tell me I dont hear well, but that might have another reason πŸ˜‰)

deborah @deborah4

OMG, so nice to have someone who's experiencing similar things. Not so nice that you have that too. I don't get infections, but I can't hear so well, as you say... sometimes. My hearing also goes up and down. Had a lot of ear infections as a child. My sons are experiencing things too. My dad lost hearing at an early age. We all have some level of P. After all it has a genetic link. Thank you so much for your input Millionways. I appreciate your feedback. D

Clint @NJClint

I use hydrogen peroxide put a capful in your ear πŸ‘‚ lay down hold your nose πŸ‘ƒ blow air out of your ear this allows hydrogen peroxide to get in deeper allow it to bubble up 1-5 minutes tilt your head drain out then dry with Qtip cotton swab

A @millionways

Deborah, yes its nice to find someone with the same. My father had lost his hearing too, they said it was because of noise, but he had psoriasis too.
Now my youngest daugther started complaining about her ear. I think I will have to take a serious look at that, she has P too.

Clint @NJClint

Hydrogen peroxide removes wax and produces pure oxygen that cures your ear

Ava @ava1

I saturate a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and CAREFULLY reach as far into the ear as I can, being careful not to puncture. A little H2O2 dribbles farther in. Takes care of the itch, too.

Rosey @sue2023

Wow,im going to get me some hydrogen ,all these things I'm learning

Clive @clive1

I know that this response is way late , but i too am suffering with the inner and outer ear - hearing loss problems from my p , can some one tell me please what strength peroxide to put on the ear bud ?? And just roll it around inside ?

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