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Combine the goodness of aloe vera gel & coconut oil, for an all natural scalp treatment, that does wonders for hair growth. It reduces dry scalp condition, to thoroughly nourish hair roots & promote fast hair growth. Just found & wanted to share 💛


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

To make this DIY Aloe Vera hair oil…

You’ll Need
▪ Aloe Vera
▪ Coconut oil


1. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and wash thoroughly.

2. Use a sharp knife and cut the aloe vera leaf into small sized cubes.

3. In a clean heat proof bowl, add the aloe vera cubes to a 1 cup of melted coconut oil.

4. Place the bowl over piping hot water, to gently heat the oil and aloe vera together. (Double boiler method).

5. Use a wooden spoon to stir the oil. The oil will absorbs all the goodness of the aloe vera plant.

6. After 30 minutes, remove the bowl from the hot water, and allow it to cool down. Once cooled strain the oil, into a container.

The oil is now ready for use.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Apply the oil all over your scalp and massage in deep circular motions. Leave on the scalp for up to an hour. Proceed with washing hair. If preferred you can leave the oil on the scalp overnight and wash hair in the morning. This can be done 2x per week for fast result.

Ava @ava1

Sounds luxurious, Michelle!

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I thought same when I found it Ava! Am going to have to try it out!! :) put it on my lists of things to do! lol

Ellen @ellen4

Lovely Michelle...I already use coconut oil on my hair ...need to just scout around the neighbours yard for some Aloe.....

Walt @walt1

How about substituting Aloe Gel?

Ava @ava1

Worth a try, Walt, especially if one has it on hand!

Barry @barry59

Michelle- thanks for the information . I will be trying this ASAP. I am getting thin on my scalp from digging. Three weeks ago I had no flakes and no red. That lasted about 6 days then it flared up really bad.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I hope it can be helpful for you Barry! After finding the recipe, I researched it more about aloe and hair growth. A lot of great reviews! Worth a shot Walt! I would make sure there is not added chemicals to the gel :)

Ellen, I love that Aloe is grown locally in your neighbourhood! :D I bet you see some pretty amazing Leaves!!

Aloe Vera activates new hair growth along with the growth of already existing hair follicles by increasing the blood circulation to the scalp. It also cleanses the scalp by balancing the pH level of the scalp. When the scalp is clean and blood circulation to the scalp is good, nothing can stop from proper and faster hair growth.

Sarah @sarahuk

Sounds absolutely amaaaaaazing.... got to make me some...

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Mishlyn @mishlyn
Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change.❤ -Dr Wayne Dyer

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