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1 day shy of my 2nd biologic injection. The results from injection one are remarkable, zero flakes, guttate P smooth, scalp & eyelids P 90% gone, anywhere that was flakey is red, anywhere that was red is now smooth skin. No side effects noted. 😊


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Michelle @michelle1021

Peter. That is incredible! Wonderful news and I know how happy you are with the results. This is awesome. Well done!

Jonathan @jonathan2897

Glad it is working for you.

Ava @ava1


Sarah @sarahuk

Amazing Peter! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm sure this will be a big inspiration for loads of people here...

Bev @bev43

Wow that's fantastic Peter. So happy for you.

Bobbi @bobbi54

We’re all so happy for you Peter. It looks like a biological is my next step after I finish the course I’m on. Hope I’ll be as lucky.

Bett @Maggie07

Best thing that’s ever happened for me! Right now I’m 99% clear. No dude effects yet.. 3 years in

Michelle @michelle1021

Ah Bett. That is great news. Well done! You sound so happy and I am happy for you. I know how it feels to be 100 percent clear and its the best feeling in the world. :)

James @ferns

Bett, what's a dude effect, is that when you start calling everyone bro and hi fiving them :)

Peter @pedro60

Hi peter, great news ... I’m thinking of getting the injection or tablets offered by the doctor... what is the name of your bio shave you had any side effects 👍

Peter @peter1011

Hi Peter, Ustakembe or something like that. Don’t have one at moment as I only collect it when needed.

A wee bit of diarrhea on first two injections nowt on 3rd.

Self injection on day 1, week 4 and week 12. Maintenance injection every 12 weeks. I was completely clear after week 8.

It is expensive if you are paying yourself, €3400 per injection, I’m on a drug payment scheme that limits my outlay to €160 pm so happy days.

Mine was prescribed by hosp consultant dunno if doc can prescribe as it is listed under hi tec meds. I hope all this helps, any other questions please just ask.

Peter @pedro60

Thanks peter il need to check with my doctor if it’s on the NHS List of medicines... cheers for the information 👍

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