...feeling insecure Heather @heather0611


Waiting for information and dates from my new employer is torture. I am not patient and I’m ready to start my new adventure! Sigh


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Heather @heather270496

Have you reached out to see what the delay is

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I can understand that Heather, I am the same way when things are taking longer than expected. I feel stress before it even happens sometimes.. I really need to work at that! lol. Hope it can get moving soon for you!

Heather @heather0611

Heather, yes, I talked to the owner last Thursday. He’s waiting on permits and inspections. I just wish he’d touch base with me or something. I haven’t contacted him since because he said when he knows more he’ll let me know. I don’t want to bug him.
Michelle I’m the same way! Lol

Heather @heather270496

Heather sounds like you have done your homework, hopefully everything comes together soon. Waiting is always the hard part. Maybe if we all send positive thoughts your way, the universe will speed things up and you will be enjoying your new job very soon.

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Heather @heather0611

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