...feeling happy Pat @patskiddle


I have gotten a different biologic and it works beautifully. My head is clear, my legs. There is a tiny bit on my elbow and I use an over the counter coal tar mixture salve. It works dag gone good too. Blessings to everyone have a great day


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Bev @bev43

That's such good news Pat

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Hello Pat, glad you have got less flakes to deal with :)Have a good day too :)

Michelle @mishlyn

That's fantastic
Pat! Great to see you back with such wonderful news 😊 I am curious, when on biologics and your skin clears, it there still skin discoloration where P once was?

Ava @ava1


Pat @patskiddle

I am really delighted for you. Have a great day.

Pat @patskiddle

Michelle, no discoloration that I do have is from lupus. No residue left on my skin except for that little bit of itching on my elbow

Sarah @sarahuk

Amazing news Pat!

Pat @patskiddle

thanks it was worth the wait

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Pat @patskiddle
Virginia, MN, USA

I am always doing something. Sometimes two things at a time. Freaks my husband out. I watch tv and read a book or I am crocheting or something else...never one thing

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