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Scalp Psoriasis and Mezereum: This is to all our scalp P sufferers. I heard that this specific Homeopathic medicine is excellent for scalp P. Have any of you tried it before and does it work?


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Michelle @michelle1021

@Michelle@Mishlyn: You are our Homeopathic medicine Queen and I was wondering if you might know how effective this product will be for our fellow Flakers :) Thank you!

Ruben @ruben

Homeopathic or herbal? Huge difference. I believe in the power of herbs...

Michelle @michelle1021

Don't have a clue. She said Homeopathic??? I like the herbs too Ruben. I find them more effective for me but a lot of our Flaymers loves the oil as it works for them. :)

Ruben @ruben

Oils are not really homeopathic either, I think?
I always see the diluted stuff in water... Like 1% of something on 10 liters of water, stirred 10 times to the right and 9 times to the left... Dunno, I probably have an incorrect view of homeopathy o_O So, please forgive my ignorance

Michelle @michelle1021

Please forgive mine too. I'm still learning. :)

Ava @ava1

To oversimplify, homeopathic remedies are "those little drops in water." Many believe them to be mere "hocus pocus," but I've witnessed their mighty power first hand (fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, etc.) and am ready to order any remedy that might help. I've been doing my own research and have met with good (if not perfect)success with most issues - except my psoriasis! The following didn't help me but may benefit others: Calcarea Sulphurica, Cardiospermum, Psorinum 200 (gave me a horrible two-week rash, indicating that I need to drop to 6 or 30)

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I don't know much about homeopathic medicine Michelle, but I sure am open to learning more. I am more of a beginner herbalist, lol.

This may be helpful,

Herbalism is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes or for supplementing a diet.
Naturopathy is a 'broad spectrum' descriptor in which practitioners are more likely to prescribe multiple treatment approaches like supplements, herbs and dietary adjustments. Conversely, homeopathy is a single system of medicine in which practitioners focus totally on the application of homeopathic medicines.

Sarah @sarahuk

Not me, Michelle, I haven't! Not heard of it before...

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