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Can anyone recommend a cream for delicate areas


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

I wishi could , i been battling with those places all my life, steroid creams like hydocortisone by 1% was the only thing that helped but steroids are bad so i dont recommend it especially long term use i know, i been through steroid withdrawl last year ,not pretty at all :)

Ann @ann8680

Had steroid cream before from doctor but he says can't prescribe it a lot as it can thin your skin

john,Hulk @chewbacca

It does indeed, i got enough thin skin to prove it, i did over 30 odd years with it, it did work though,i had less flakes on my face when i used that but, its not good i know :)

Ann @ann8680

I think my skin is immune to the creams as it doesn't help. Except for the greasy cooking lard moisturiser lol

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Welcome to Flaym Ann! Sorry you are having a hard time finding a good cream. Have you ever tried a type of oil for a moisturizer? Coconut & almond oil are my favourites, always so soothing.

Hilda @hilda3

Use to love the coconut oil for my skin but it’s doing nothing for me now it doesn’t help at.. think I’ve used it for to long 😩

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome, Ann! I just use olive oil down below if I need to. This was on advice of a midwife whilst pregnant and worked pretty well!

Ann @ann8680

Thanks I'll try that

Erica @Eri

Also be careful of the soap you use when you are having a bath, rather wash with aqueous cream as the molecules are bigger (apparently won't penetrate your skin then). At least that is what my GP told me. I found it to be soothing for my skin all over when I washed with aqueous cream instead of soap.

dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

As a guy I've used expensive virgin olive oil on my delicate area when needed works a treat, and thankfully hasn't returned.

Mary @mary1932

I tried every cream,prescriptions ect I was given or read about then I changed Drs. She suggested"Triple Paste medicated ointment for diaper rash.. Miracles of miracles, IT worked . I ordered it -on Amazon for $25.00. I have used it for a month and no bleeding,no inverse psorisis.I pray that it keeps working. I hope this helps some one.

Skyler @skyler

@mary1932 I’m going to order some and give it a try. I’ll try anything. My feet are what’s bad on me. It really is the left one- it’s on top of my foot, around my ankles. It itches and it’s so frustrating. Will this ever go away ??? I’ve had this since I was born. I have tried everything—- I’m doing the injections now. It’s helping everything but my feet. 😂

Johanne @johanne1

Try using pure vitamin E 400ui.

bernadette @bernadette3

Parafin gel very pure

GITTL @gittl

there's a creme in Israel. a diaper rash cream..stops ITCHING IMMEDIATELY no odor truly soothing, cheap. called ora creme....literally "skin creme. contains olive oil pure

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