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Where else do you learn most about psoriasis as a condition?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

I have done all my learning here flaym going back, all i need to know thank you :)

Michelle @michelle1021

From Flaym mostly, but I do a lot of research and having 4 screens open in front of me, gives me more space to broaden my knowledge with regards to this illness. I learn from sufferers throughout the world. Connecting with them and share ideas. I don't trust everything I read on google but I do listen to people and do research about what they say.

Bev @bev43

I've learnt everything from this site and the awesome people on it

Rosey @sue2023

Learn from myself ,from no one ,until now ,this site, and research

jim @jim1966

learnt fron doctor and chemist .

gary @gulagger

I don’t have it anymore it’s gone completely now I used some cheap cream from China and after a week or so it disappeared but I just researched online but everything that it said use failed me

Elaine @elaine2022

This site support is awesome! But, go Google your heart out and learn all you can through the internet, doctors.....everywhere you can! That's what I did :) Not all doctors know much about psoriasis. Don't give up hope!!

Mavis @mavis

From the people who have it as people can have it worse than others and also have it on different parts of their body. You can learn so much about different treatments, which food can make it worse. Personally I think it's the best way to learn

Sarah @sarahuk

For me, other than Flaym, I learned most about psoriasis in the past from reading limited information in pamphlets from the NHS about the condition. Written by people who don't have it... Very mechanical information about reproduction of skin cells. Not about WHY that is happening. Only learnt that from Flaym, and then online "research" but don't have a tried and tested resource that is reliable and concrete...

Judi @judi5

Flaym...mostly...and experimenting with things to find what triggers my breakouts...I can no longer eat out at any restaurants...

Jane @maryjane1

I am so lucky to found this site as I have learned so much about Psoriasis. My only diagnosis so far has been psoriasis/dermatitis. The foods to avoid have been so helpful at keeping it under control.

Jerry M Littleton
Jerry M Littleton @jerrymlittleton

Hoover instute,Stanford University

tommy @tommyboy2

I have learned from my own suffering through all my years with P I was lucky I had the strength not to hide my body from others which after awhile people started coming out from hiding their P!!! I was lucky to get cleared but will it always be this way, I hope!

Ruben @ruben

Hey Casey, important thing to keep in mind is that we all react a little different. So you need to find the thing that works for you. For me it's avoiding sugar and adding curcumin, vitamines B and D and Omega 3 to my diet to heal my gut. And applying lemon to my patches to keep them in check topically :) Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Yes , thats a steroid, they sell a lot of steroids in China and yes they are cheap as chipolatas , yes they do work but are bad used in long term as usual,you get nice thin skin eventually, anything that seems good is usually bad thanks Gary :)

Jill @jilliemac

As long as I can keep itch under control, I can handle it..yeah Clint and your lemon info..⚘⚘

Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio @joseantonio

Here, books and internet ( be cautious with internet) I'm reading a book "healing psoriasis" the natural alternative, from John O. A. Pagano.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

, I have never read this book but, i follow a diet/lifestyle thats similar from learning from others on here 18 months ago :)

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