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I've been going for Ozone Therapy and my skin feels a gazillion times better!! I can HIGHLY recommend it! The size is still the same but the intensity, the redness, has subsided; the itching, burning, tearing and cracking: GONE. I'm so grateful <3


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Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Ilze. Great stuff! I have heard about Ozone Therapy. And I am really happy for you!
Is it a good thing to activate our immune system? Sorry for asking but, our immune system is already in attack mode and by activating it more might just blow it out of proportion? Or Do you think by doing the Ozone therapy, the oxygen slows down the immune system which is why your P is better? Have your Dr explained it to you. Sorry for the questions but if this therapy works then I'm sure most P sufferers will go for it. How long have you been on this therapy?

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Nice to see you back with good news Ilze! I have not heard of ozone therapy for psoriasis, but sounds quite intersting & happy its helping you! How long are the sessions? Do you wear an oxygen mask for it?

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome back, Ilze! Need to know more about ozone therapy, sounds amazing! Tell us more...

Ilze @ilze

I haven't had this kind of relief in, 'like', forever! You sit in an encapsulated chair, with your head out. You go through a 30-minute session where the ozone is released into the capsule and absorbed by your pores. It removes bacteria, viruses et cetera and I think this helps a lot with the healing of the skin, as the inflammation subsides.
First session was just a sit-in-the-chair-let's-see-where-this-goes-kinda experience. Second time around I got sick as a dog. TOtally sick! I was (wo)man down for a day and a half. It was a detox, which I found rather surprising as I am a vegetarian with good eating habits. But there I was, detoxing and persisting with the therapy and co-psoriatics, I haven't looked back..! I am SO grateful. Really! I have woken up at night with a huuuuge smile, realising I'm not waking up because of itching / discomfort / tearing / brooding!
I find it an inexpensive treatment and readily available. I don't know about in your countries, but where I live in South Africa, it is available to me.
I have gone for maybe 10 or 12 sessions, and am now 'maintaining', once or twice a week.
I recommend reading up about it and following up on it. I am one happy camper :) YEAH!!

Michelle @michelle1021

it sounds amazing Ilze and I'm happy for you! Thank you for the great info with regards to this therapy. I look at it differently now. I will definitely google it some more. :)

Sarah @sarahuk

WOW WOW WOW Ilze that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing! I am so so so happy for you ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

Linda @justicejones

So glad you found something that works for you Lize!
It is great to know if one option does not work there are other things that one can try!

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Ilze @ilze
Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa

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