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Has anyone been put on any kind of medication for psoriasis? I’m going back to the dermatologist Friday. This crap is getting out of control. Gotta get some help. The itching is miserable!


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Tina, there are many different options for you treatment/medication wise. Your dermatologist will be able to explain what they are. Many have success with biologics, light therapy, creams & ointments. I use corticosteroids am now down to 2 days a week. Doing a very slow wean off them. I hope by summers end I am done completely. Stopping cold turkey put me through steroid withdrawl that became horribly bad. I hope your appt goes well and you can get your skin under control soon!

Rosey @sue2023

Hi Tina,yes I have even though I'm with a private Dermy we have to lgo through all the bad meds to get too the good ones,biologics .If I were rich 20,000 it would cost me to skip the process.I stopped after first med as too many side effects after 7 mths.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Tina! The itching really does get miserable, I really empathise. Yes plenty of people are on medication for psoriasis. There are lots of options! I hope you get a good derm who will spend time listening to your situation and preferences. Make sure you go armed with any questions you have, to get the most from the appointment as they don't come around too often when we need them!

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome Tina. I agree with Sarah. Find a good derm and ask him all the questions you can possibly think off. Good luck!

Ruben @ruben

Hey Tina,
yes two ointments, one with a lot of cortisone and one with tar and a small amount of cortisone. All that combined with PUVA (light) treatment. Did wonders at first sight. But my skin is permanently damaged were I used the ointments, too thin. Diet and lifestyle changes are the best way to go in my humble opinion. Find out what your food triggers are (gluten, sugar, ...) and avoid those. Check what supplements might help (I take turmeric, vitamine d and B and Omega 3) Drink a lot of mineral water... Against the itch: apply lemon. Lemon has helped me tremendously on a topical level. Good luck, hang in there!! (sorry for the long reply...)

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good


Be happy, be happy a lot :)

Tina @Tysoti

I have another appt with a dermatologist tomorrow hopefully I can get something to help with this.

Cags @cags

I’ve been taking tablets for 6 months now and they have completely cleared my p. They do have side affects, make you feel sickly for the first few months but you do get used to them. I’m just so happy that my symptoms have gone, p was ruining my life, I was covered from head to toe, lost most of my hair, was in a right state. My skin is now clear, my hairs come back thick and curly, was straight before which is wierd. No itching is wonderful. Hope you get sorted x

Rosey @sue2023

Tina,how did your visit to Dermy go? That's great Cars that the tabs working for you,

Rosey @sue2023

Cags I meant,grrr to auto correct on phone

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