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Hi every1 sorry i haven't been here for a while relapsin is not a great place to be with your pso touching everypart of your body.
I m asking for everybodys knowledge on the needle for pso if i can have as much info as poss ill be very gratefull


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Ruben @ruben

Sorry to hear that! No experience with the needle. Only supplements and lemon...
The best of luck Fahd! Hope you find relief very soon!

Rosey @sue2023

Go for it Fhad,got to try,least you have the opportunity to try it,lets us know how it goes

Michelle @michelle1021

No experience of it either Fahd but I wish you luck and hope it works for you. Welcome back!

Michelle @michelle1021

Now that is excellent news Casey. Not getting a cold. Your immune system is great. Did your Dr say why it affects your weight? I almost never get the flue. Sometimes a cold but that's it. Could be the diet?

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't had this kind of medication Fahd but if you look in the themes section under "biologics" you'll find lots of posts there about it! Hope it helps...

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