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Treatment, money

It seems alot of you have free access to bio,is it easier for you than me? Cost alot here beyond my earnings


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Rosey @sue2023

It costs a lot to have this spotty problem here,most other probs could be fixed for free,but not this one,if I knew then what I know now I'd be a dermatologist ,lol

Rosey @sue2023

Have the forms to go on disability,as have more then p, but can't do it won't admit it's that bad,got to bite the bullet sometime,wont quit , tempted,very tempted

Mishlyn @mishlyn

This just frustrates me so much. Why? Why does medication cost so much? It is absurd!! Because it cost 10k for 1 shot!! I think not! Just ridiculous. Greed. Its the bottom line. Empathy is almost non exisitant. Its sad.

Michelle @michelle1021

True Mich and its a money making scheme. We are sufferers and we deserve better.

David @david41166

Coworker has a bio injection 1 per month. Free discount card brings cost to zero $. Has not worked, as yet. She doesn't know when the card will stop. MRSRP is $ 3,000 per injection. Talk to drug company

Rosey @sue2023

If a cure for p was ever found alot of companies would go broke,from lotions to potions everything cost alot considering they know were desperate for relief we do get taken advantage of.

Jen @jen1984

Hi Sue just a question. Are you with private health cover?

Rosey @sue2023

No but pay for private specialist,no choice ,costs Everytime I go ,but he prescribes me what I need tenfold,do have a healthcare card so a script that costs hundreds I get for about 10 dollars ,if I didn't have that I'd be cactus.

Rosey @sue2023

My local hosi doesn't treat psoriorias,the one that does it way to far to travel to , guessing as a outpatient treatment would be free there

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Sue do you also have or had gout? I have it too but control it with apple cider vinegar or with a smoothie 5o/50 pineapple and strawberry. What meds were you on that caused gout?

Sarah @sarahuk

This issue about cost is very difficult, and it differs so much between different countries! I'm not sure how I would cope without the NHS...

Rosey @sue2023

Hi Lorna,was on a diuretic as for bout 8 mths,for heart,when finger got very painful x-rays done and bloods,myuric acid levels wayyy high,so got taken off that tab and voila acid level just slightly high,so no gout diagnosis but have ostio,so was gout but don't have gout ,go figure Specialist said ppl with p do have a higher uric acid reading , something my doc or I never knew

dennis @dennisz

Here in the US I have health coverage through my employer and it covers the biologics though there was some pre-reqs to get approved (step therapy). Once approved the insurance covers it but there is still a large co-pay. The drug co. has a co-pay assistance card that covers the co-pay (you have to sign up with them) and that brings the cost to $0 for me. Have been taking it for >10 years and I'm scared to do the math to see how much $ it has cost my insurance company over the years..

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Rosey @sue2023
Perth WA,

Had psoriasis forever but weathered the ups and downs.Tomorrows a different story.

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