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Moisturising up before today's family wedding! Short skirt, neon earrings and get this.... NEON toenails! First time I have dared paint them since my toenail psoriasis cleared up. Yay to non-crumbly non-chalky toenails! 😄


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Chris @Chris70

You go for it Sarah , seen a lot of attitudes change to P over the last few months. Join the revoulation fellow P's and show that skin .

Bev @bev43

Have a ball Sarah!

Jayne @jaynemaber

Yea go for it girl - have a ball x

Glenn @glenn

Flaunt it Sarah, flaunt it, have fun

James @ferns

My toenails are improving too but please don't tell me neon nail polish is compulsory :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Yes! Show some skin girl! And the neon toe nails sounds gorgeous! Enjoy and have some great fun!

Jane @jane2224

Sounds so cute! Have fun and show that skin and neon toenails!

Susan @godcares

Sarah...You go girl! I love neon toe nail polish...

Clint @NJClint

Sarah's new name is neon moonbeam...

David @david41166

What did you do to get your toenails to clear up? How long did it take? Great to hear of the changes.

Yvette @yvette1

I’d like to know too how to clear toenails.

Jane @jane2224

Yvette, I really don't know. I haven't had any issue with the toenails. I'm starting to have an issue with my fingernails.

Clint @NJClint

Ladies try lemon 🍋 please

Ellen @ellen4

Hi toe nail sufferers.. I have nail P ... I soak my feet in hot water with Bicarb & Apple cider viniger.. I don't measure I just estimate... when done all the build up under my nail is soft so I scrape it out with a file.. my nails are no longer growing to the sky...I also keep my toe nails very short.... but Im battling with P under my foot ..I rub coconut oil on after every bath ...will try a lemon although the skin is very dry & flakey ....

Michelle @michelle1021

Send me your email address xxx

Lindakay1948 @lindakay1948

best advice for me was Epsom salts thank you all but when I am bleeding no way can I use the salts or even lemon none of which offers a cure but I am using coconut oils with a dmso mix in which actually does help

Sharon @sharon7525

Hi.. I battle more with finger nail than toe nails.. no treatment
has really improved them, I actually have them pulled out every now and then when too painfull... then start all over again.

Ellen @ellen04

When Covid started I went off my meds to build my immunity …. well my Psoriasis has spiked.... my fingernails , under my feet , my toe nails & my hair are very bad … back on my Metho but its not helping … I hopefully will see a difference in a couple of months time :-)

Rita @rita

Sorry to hear that Ellen. Hope you see improvement soon.

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