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Have been using [...] cream for the last 6 months. Now my skin so thin if you touch me it bruises or if I fall or scrap something it will bleed. I am afraid to keep using it with such thin skin. Is there any suggestions on what to use on my skin


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Jen @jen1984

Erin please don't use D. any longer. 6 months is much too long. Your Gp should have told you that. If your skin is not too bad rub lemon in. Otherwise use oils or thick ointments like Vaseline for a while and see how that goes.

Kelli @kelli55

I think [...] is supposed to be used strictly two weeks on and two weeks off. I might be wrong, but I know my dermatologist told me it does thin the skin. Please check with your doctor before using it anymore.

Susan @godcares

Erin since I got on this page I have been trying to caution people on using steroid creams. That thinness of the skin last a very long time. I've been on creams for years and still my skin is thin. Getting a bit better but might have to do with Moringa. Not sure. You can check that out or start lemon like talks about. Maybe add tumeric to your diet. I can send you the elimination diet if you message me. Cut out sugar for sure. Maybe try aloe vera gel. It's not costly at all from the health food store. Blessings to you always.

Erin @erin99

When I started he doctor I questioned him on the 2 weeks. Because I can’t take pills or needle to a previous reaction to them he said just to use it once a day and I would be fine. The problem is it over 95 percent of my body and if I don’t use it I can hardly walk or move as the psoriasis makes my skin feel tight and raw.

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