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Managing hope for me is being both realistic and forward-looking. It means knowing that something amazing might come around the corner to treat my psoriasis. Are you still hopeful?


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Michelle @michelle1021

Even if a psoriasis cure is not found in my lifetime, I'm still going strong and won't let my P affect my way of enjoying life. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to enjoy the simplest things like swimming in the sea, walk around in shorts etc. Change the way you think and confidence will empower you.

Chris @Chris70

Not letting it stop me Michelle,people will like you regardless guess its when you find the genuine ones

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Hello Michelle, yes i keep trying new things and hope i can beat the winter flakes as thats my worst time with psoriasis,,I wont give up, not yet anyway :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Wonderful! I agree Chris and the genuine one's will cross our paths:)
John that's great to hear. You have taken that first step this weekend and things can only get better :)

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Thanks Michelle, i still keep trying to burn my psoriasis off,toxin portal patch is looking good this morning, still a few flakes hanging on there but looking good,i want this near on clear by October and with my six pack aswell?, psoriasis patches and a six pack dont go well together to me, if i can achieve that well if my vibro machine can achieve that ?, :) well maybe flatter toned is more achievable realistically but, its something to strive for, gives me a goal :) thanks michelle :)

Michelle @michelle1021

John. You have a drive inside of you which is amazing. You know what your goal is and you're going for it. I know what you mean by P and six pack but John, you are doing your best to get both. Loose one and gain another. You can do it. :) like me, I said to myself I can't be overweight AND have P. I need to choose one. So I chose to lose weight and in the process my P cleared up as well. I'm proud of you John, you are doing an amazing job and you still enjoy life. Even if you have both (six pack and P) at least you know you have tried your best in both. :)

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Thank you Michelle,If I dont achieve it at least i have tried though a six pack is more achievable than clearing my P i think ,well, i never really bothered how i looked etc 2 years ago Michelle, i saw a photo of me from a year and half ago, geeze i was well over weight, couldnt see my feet looking down and it would just get worse and maybe i would need a wheel burrow to carry my belly around in some years time , not a good prospect at all,I think you do an amazing job too Michelle :),Since i been here, i have been up for challenges with regard to my P,i have tried so many things to improve it, some no didnt help, some yes did help,still trying to find the best with natural ways,the battle continues with winter healing, can only try carry on and hope to improve things , its easy to give up and dosnt get anyone anywhere,I think one has to enjoy life i try to anyway,one dosnt know how long they got on this planet,if one has a goal something to strive for its worth it, :)

Rani @rani1

Good Morning people. I would like to share with you my good news, its been a month now that I have cut out sugar, all dairy products and wheat, I live on lots of salad, I still have brown rice with my meals and I am still eating my curry and rice, no alcohol i am convinced, sugar was my problem, oh and I also have started taking psyllium husks to cleanse my colon. I still crave chocolate but I am being strong because of the amazing results.

Karin @karinm

I’m a glass half full person, and I can so far in life see something positive with everything. I haven’t given up yet, and feel like I’ve had an enlightening time on earth. But, but, I want to send also acknowledgement to all who suffer the darkest moments from time to time. Life is not a rose garden, with or without p. With it though it adds to the daily grind for sure! Much love to all.

rachel @wynnegee

Hi Michelle, yes still hopeful. I have been on diet and lifestyle changes since January and things are better but I'm a long way from where I want to be. If my skin had cleared quickly its very likely I would have gone back to old ways with diet, I'm a binger. I'm realising now that as much as diet and exercise is helping me I believe what I really need to do is slow down, get organised, enjoy the moment, meditate, sleep and laugh a lot.

Michelle @michelle1021

Now this is the language I like to talk. Positivity. Reading all these positive comments warms my heart. You are all amazing:)

Erica @Eri

Definitely hopeful yes. Medicine is advancing and even though it is very expensive the world has made lots of progress with regards to new treatments and options. Never loose hope x

Michelle @michelle1021

Hello Alberto. Glad to see you back on Flaym. I think you have become our favorite emotions CEO. ;)

carol @carol1943

There are so many new meds these days. I fear that much of that is because P treatment is a proven moneymaker but my hope is that one of the new ones will actually work for a cure
or at least long lasting control.

Sarah @sarahuk

I am always hopeful. Always have been, always will be. Can't change it! Always feel there is more to be done, more to try, more to achieve, more to gain. Life is beautiful, got to love it!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Well done Rani :)So true Carol, so much money to be made out of peoples misery,i use less creams these days , i have hardly used any this weekend :) sun and Diet/lifestyle changes . all helps combined :) Hello Alberto,nice to see so many faces from you , glad you could join in :)

Susan @godcares

Michelle I think hope is all we have. That and unconditional love. Loving ourselves is key to loving another. Then... the magic happens.... Hope for a better day, week, year, life!!! I think because of my Faith I just expect something wonderful now everyday! Believe me... That was not the case for much of this momma's life. I happen to be one of those that know in my heart that I am cured. It took time. You hit the nail on the head. Keep things simple. Over here in Canada (BC) the stress to have "stuff" is ridiculous in my opinion (especially because we are surrounded by lakes LOTS of water toys which cost money)... now... I have become a minimalist and am getting married end of September. Second marriage. We are very simple. Enjoy the lakes, walks, kissing, talking (shooting the sh_t is what I call it). No stress at all even planning the wedding. It's just a day, but the rest of our lives is what we think about more. It's very exciting.

Michelle @michelle1021

Rani, that is excellent news! Well done ;) sugar is definitely bad for us. Glad to see you back on Flaym :)

Jill @jilliemac

Hope is always on our side....never give up ..

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