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My activewear finally got used for it's proper purpose today! Now hopefully exercise has some positive effects on my psoriasis.


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

sounds good joni, :) i used to go to jim years ago, i managed 3 months and then arthritis said hello here i am ,i am gonna make it hard for you hahaha,that was it,the end of exercise and i lost my 9 mionths of jim fee :)

Jack @psoriasisblob

I started gyming regularly a year ago and not sure if it has a direct affect on psoriasis, but anything which relieves stress is good!

Ghulam Mohd Dar
Ghulam Mohd Dar @ghulammohddar

Yes, wear and care is must for psoriasis.

Harold @harold

Exercise is a good stress reliever so it should help; just be careful not to overdo it because it can start an inflammatory response which could cause a flareup. Have as much fun as possible.

Joni @joni
Princeton Junction, NJ

Spotty since 1998. Writing about spots since 2012. I write about my psoriasis journey at

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