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Is stress your number 1 psoriasis trigger? Me, yes! For sure...


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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Nope,stress dont make any difference Sarah :) , i dont think i have a trigger,? i proved that over the weekend :) winter and thats it though i dont flare as such,maybe thats regarded as my trigger, cold weather :)

Jen @jen1984

Yes definitely Sarah. My last flare up was bad caused by stress. Finally after 9 weeks my arms and upper body are now clear again. Just patiently waiting for scalp to calm down and lower body from waist down. Not stressing about it! Just daily ☀

Robin @robinspiro

I think for everybody.
Stress, anxiety and emotions.

Susan @godcares

Hmmm Sarah... Loaded question. LOL. I could have lots of stress planning a wedding, learning about my fiance, issues with my Tourettes daughter, trying to get as much into this summer as possible, the uncertainty of my fiances sister-in-law with cancer just diagnosed... Ahhh... There are many things. However, I have zero stress. None and I'm not kidding. I listen to great tunes, walk alot, kiss alot (LOL), I don't watch tv, and most importantly I just hand it all over to God. I do. Not kidding. I get a twinge here and there and then I just say "Your's God", turn on a tune and it's done. However, I have been practicing this a VERY long time. I'm not perfect at it, but I sure don't have much stress, but have lots going on. I do think that stress might be one of our number one issues. I'm kind of hyper but not stressed.

Linda @justicejones

Not sure yet what my triggers are but I suspect stress makes most skin conditions worse.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Sarah. Emotional stress. Definitely. Normal every day stress. Not at all. I find it easy to cope with normal stress. I believe there is always a solution to a problem and If you can't find one, then why bother stressing about it. Emotional pain causes my P to flare. :)

A @millionways

I do have stress, worries and a lot of emotions. Like everyone. It doesn’t effect my P immediately. No flare ups that I can connect to a moment of stress. Still I think that doesn’t mean that it has no influence. It might be one of those things that slumber on the background and infects your health.
The one thing that I know is a trigger is the weather, high humidity and also cold winter.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Thing is , everyday stresses we have throughout our lives,i know doctors will say stress triggers it for everyone as they know they cant do anything about psoriasis generally,To say stress is all the problem i dont think so,there are good stresses and these have helped me,i say good stress, because it helps me to achieve my goals, i get worked up say about a job for example and always things come out well which gives me a natural high,I can only say, if the skin was bad and its really taking up your life with P or anything thats bad then i can see stress making things worse,stresses are there daily for most people, bills,the house the cat needs to go to the vet etc , these are everyday things the whole world is stressed about something :)

A @millionways

I agree John. Beside the “normal daily stress” I have experienced bad emotional stress, like everyone will have sometime in their lives, that didnt bring a emidately flare up.

A @millionways

For the daily stress it might be that you do not take as much care for yourself as in good quet times. Maybe less sleep, bad food, less relaxing or moisturising.

Rosey @sue2023

Yes,stress was my last trigger at least,9 weeks later and p finally reverting back to the depths from where they came,did let go of that stress bout fours weeks ago,now have new stresses but p fading still,

Robin @robinspiro

Who says he does and who says he doesn't are both right.

rachel @wynnegee

Yes. I'm starting to recognise the physical signs like shallow breathing, muscular tension and working it out before it takes hold. It's a daily thing for me and generally because I can never fit everything into my day. I'm learning and one day I'll be as zen as Susan 🙌

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks everyone! Yes I think we all respond to different types of stress in different ways don't we. So glad to hear many of you have a handle on stress in your lives! I've been having an unanticipated stressful few days with house stuff and it does definitely make a difference to my skin! Well, the sensations in the skin for me especially...

A @millionways

Hi Sarah, is there a way to reduce the stress? Make a list of what you have to do. And strike the things you have done. You can put on some happy music. You can make of the chores excersices for movement or relaxation. Think of the goal you have. And take short breaks, maybe a nice drink in the sun or something.
And you can change the way you look at it. How important is it. And when you finnished a job, what have you reached.

Cherryl @cherryl

Yes Sarah, for me I think emotional stress brings on a flare, albeit a delayed reaction, but a flare always follows (after several weeks) from a major emotional event. I also react badly in the heat of summer and possibly the sun 👎🏻 not great. My skin is good in the cold months here in the uk 👍

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