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Hi, kinda new here but what do you all use to control your scalp psoriasis? I'm currently using Avalon shampoo( forgot the correct name) but any way I just hate having to wash my hair so often, styling it is a beast after every wash 😭


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Jen @jen1984

Hi Keturah. Welcome. When my scalp is bad I use TGel or Sebitar shampoo. Otherwise just my normal shampoo but always condition and gently comb out the flakes. I used to soak my scalp in oil coconut or grapeseed until the next morning.

Melanie @nela

Hi keturah! Pretty name😀! I also have scalp psoriasis. Been battling it since late last year! I use tea tree oil shampoo by Paul Mitchell and conditioner as well. Before I go to bed, I use prescribed scalp oil, it helps at night. I still get flaky though in the morning when I wash it off but helps from flaring up. I also use Vaseline around my hairline and sometimes I use evoo mix with my scalp oil.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Keturah, I don't have scalp P anymore but I sometimes use tar shampoo to keep it at bay. Nice mint smell ;)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Keturah! My scalp is best when I use oil soaks to keep the itching and flaking down. I used to use medicated shampoo with some results but much better with oil than shampoo. I also put Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on my scalp when it is dry which helps massively for me too. Not heard of or tried Avalon but thanks for the tip! Check out the themes section under Scalp for more posts in this area!

Mymoena @myniez

my husband also had it on his head couple of years ago then he use Denorex shampoo the strong one and itvwent away untill now he is still using the shampoo

Ken @kennyo

I use capasal shampoo then a prescribed scalp treatment but if I don't use regularly I get a scabby nose convinced it's the P causing it

Daisy @daisy813

HI Guys, I am new to scalp P. I have been battling it for over a month and was unsure what it was. Any tips on what to use or do to avoid flare ups?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Daisy, I used yo have scalp P, but I only used a type of soft tar shampoo. I don't use any scented products on my body apart from Chanel. I now only use headxand shoulders shampoo and once a werk i wash my hair with the tar shampoo. It doesnt smell like tar, maybeca bit but its mosly a mint flavour. Maintain a healthy diet and some flaymers will suggest a scalp soak. Good luck and I wish you well :)

Catherine @clammyhands

Organic hemp oil scalp mask. Read reviews and tried it. You must be consistent and its hard to shampoo out but there are long-term effects.

Catherine @clammyhands

I used to use that shampoo!! But now I use whatever shampoo and then follow it with diluted organic apple cider vinegar "with the mother". Its never worked better for me.

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