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Has anyone tried propolis supplements for psoriasis and what were your experiences? I have been doing light research on the effects of bee propolis on my skin. Looking for feedback. Tia.


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Treena, Welcome to Flaym! I have not tried it, but have hears good things about it. I have seen it mentioned here, try typing it in the search field and it will bring up past conversations it has been in.

Treena @treena

Thanks Michelle. I started using a cream with propolis in it. Alternating with prescription for skin and psoriasis. It seems to be slowly reducing red patches and flaking.

Jen @jen1984

I used to take Propolis years ago when I was down with Ross River virus. I want to g et it again but too expensive. W

Mishlyn @mishlyn

I am happy to hear that the cream you have is helping! Such a great feeling seeing the redness and flakes disappear. Lemon has done the same, but quickly for me. ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Treena! I've thought about trying bee propolis and got as far as finding some in my local shop but didn't actually buy it yet through not wanting to potentially waste more money on psoriasis topical stuff... though of course it could actually be a great investment! Can't know til I try...

Treena @treena

I would say try the propolis capsules. As it works from the inside out. I am 3 days on 2 capsules a day and the inflammation on my psoriasis lesions has decreased by 20%. I will keep posting as it goes. Could be just wishful thinking or body adjusting to new item.

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