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Raaaarghhh so I scraped my elbow across the corner of the kitchen cupboard today. Waaaaaah it ripped the psoriasis plaque and made it bleed! If you cut your psoriasis plaques do you do anything different to it?


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Madmum007 @madmum007

Hi Sarah, so far I haven't cut my p. plaques.
Seeing that they are skin & blood, I would treat it the same as a cut anywhere else on my body!?!
Oh, & get a "I'll kiss it better" always makes us feel better!!!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

I have done that many times Sarah and yes it hurts then you think , do you put cream on this now its an open wound? i have done, dont know if a good idea though and it can sting putting stuff on it,Sorry about this Sarah, i feel your injury as i have injured mine too many times

James @ferns

Weirdly I done similar this evening. I have a big ten pound note sized patch on the back of my forearm and I caught it on the door catch. It ripped a big gouge through it which bled. I just stuck a plaster on it. I'll check out when I jump in the shower later.

Mavis @mavis

That's nasty Sarah hope its not so painful now

Michelle @mishlyn

Yoouch! Hope it heals quickly for you Sarah. I treat cuts the same as I would on regular skin.. but it sure hurts a lot more!

Ray @ray161

In my job I am regularly scrapping my plaques. I treat it as a normal cut.

Glenn @glenn

I concur with Ray

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks all! So I started lemoning my elbows again a couple of days ago... I lemoned up last night and it went it the cut too! It stang for a while but maybe helped to disinfect the cut or something. Now it's quite good as the scab on the elbows looks red and noticeable, and makes my p relatively less visible! Bonus. I've just treated it like part of the plaque as I normally would I guess, lemon and all. James really hope yours is looking OK when you checked it!

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

So its lemon aid Sarah?, Lemons great on your cut,,, but no so good... on a flakey butt,,,,,,,,you squeeze it on ..and rub it in ,,,, and put it on that flakey shin :)

James @ferns

Sarah, it was fine. Instead of just ripping the plaster off I just let the hot soapy water do its magic. There was a red scar scratch through the plaque but no bleeding. It looks the same this morning.

Nancy @nancy625

I put [...] ointment on the open wound, with a band aid.

Michelle @michelle1021

I remember when my P was a thick crust and tried to shave, I always got a few cuts. I never used ointment to treat the cuts.

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