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Lemons are go again! 2 days now. Application of fresh lemon juice is helping to smooth over the appearance of the plaques. Will keep it going and see what it's like in a few more days! πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹


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Madmum007 @madmum007

Hi Sarah, I was thinking about lemons last night while oiling my scalp! Do you think the essential oil from the peel that goes into the juice is what is helping the p?

just a thought πŸ‹

Bev @bev43

Yay Lemon to the rescue Lol

Linda @justicejones

Thank you Sarah love to hear how this actually works!
It sounds like a great solution that is nontoxic.

Michelle @michelle1021

Yes let us know Sarah. Good luck!

Michelle @mishlyn

Good Luck Sarah! I hope it can work just as good for you as it has me!!

claudia @claudia103

I still feel,is best the tackle the cause within the body rather that covering up or treating the symptoms...othewise forever battling.

Kim @Foody

Please keep us up to date on how it's going. What state are the plaques you are putting lemon on?

Michelle @mishlyn

Kim, I started with the lemon when my skin was in rough shape. It does sting a little bit, but definitely worth it. One of those hurts so goos kind of feelings. First it tackled the flakes and then the reddness & inflammation. Amazing results from the lemon!

Kim @Foody

Thanks Michelle. Might be worth a try in the winter.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey all, lemon update... not great! Again! It is more flaky and red than when I started. Last time I stopped for this reason, and I started again after a break of maybe 6/8 weeks thinking it may have been another type of underlying flare rather than the lemon. But same again this time! Think maybe lemon is not for me. Pretty disappointed! The flakes go down while the lemon is on, but then once the skin dries out and the juice soaks in it leave my skin peeling a little... and then red.

Suze @1962kernowborn

I thought I might try this on my leg and scalp...wondered about in my ears too

Jen @jen1984

Hi Sarah. It seems to be the same with me and lemons. I have tried on and off for a long time. I persevered for a month and thought it will get worse before I will see improvement but it just made it worse.

Clint @NJClint

Sarah the lemon πŸ‹ starts a detox of the skin the results are deflaking then redness but as your skin sweats out toxins you have to allow time for your body to naturally heal once it gets a chance to clean out it will clear up give yourself breaks to allow this to happen lemon πŸ‹ is working if you skin is changing just allow the immune system it's chance to work don't over do it
I hope this helps don't despair.

Kim @Foody

Hi Sarah. What works for some, doesn't work for others. We all have a different chemical make up so we are never going to react the same. You gave it a try, that's the main thing. Hope you are ok.

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