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Introduced a new spice to my diet. "Italian herbs" - Delicious but It made me itch. Could it be the basil maybe? Anybody else using the herb in your food?


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Clint @NJClint

Yes I. Use herbs 🌿

Leonie Mateer
Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer

I have my own herb garden. I add herbs to all my foods, soups, stews, scrambled eggs, .. they are highly alkaline and such a super food. I have written a blog on herbs and psoriasis.

My favorites; parsley, Italian parsley, mint, basil, rosemary, thyme, celery, marjoram, sage. I pick a little of everything, chop it finely and add it to everything I can.

My psoriasis is now non existent.. so herbs are not causing me any flare ups..

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Hello Michelle, I dont get a problem with herbs as far as i know, i am sorry about this with the itch :(

Justin @justin1

Every day, I have fresh garlic, ginger and beetroot amongst other herbs!

Ellen @ellen4

I love Italian Herb spice...use it in all my savoury dishes .....

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank you all. hm...it must be something else I guess. I've never been a fan of basil but I did not eat anything else that can give me an itch. I had some sweet yellow pepper but I'm good with that. Will make the dish again and check carefully what caused the itch. :)

Jane @jane2445

I regularly use a mixture of herbs from the garden, would not be without them, they add lots of flavour.

Sarah @sarahuk

I don't think basil is considered an inflammatory food in what I have read and followed with my elimination diet. You should be fine with that Michelle. Much more likely to be the peppers...or something else of course!

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

As My country is across from Italy, we also use the same herbs as them and they are phenomenal.

In My garden I have few bushes of ordinary mint, citrus mint, ordinary basil, Greek basil, thyme and origano.

Nothing beats a good old tomato soup with some small pasta and fresh basil ;)

Michelle @michelle1021

Hm...could be the peppers again. I've been okay with it but now it seems I can only have them once every second month. But its okay, I will cut it out for the next two months. Thank you Sarah. P4G I LOVE tomato soup with those small pasta. But haven't had it in years actually. :)

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Michelle @michelle1021
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really, Really love wine...

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