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Does anybody know why psoriasis can suddenly come on you as you get older. Do you think stress plays a part as I did have a stressful few years and suffered depression and anxiety


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

It is so hard to say Mavis. Mine came when I was 14. I think stress is a huge part of it. It is one of my biggest triggers. Sorry to hear about the past couple of years being stressful. Life can sure throw some curve balls. I hope things are getting better for you ❤

Mavis @mavis

Stress is mine as well Michelle. I was treated for depression and anxiety and had counselling. My depression went but not my anxiety fully even though I was taught how to breathe. Works sometimes. My problem was this weekend when we had torrential rain and it came through my bedroom ceiling like a waterfall and downstairs. This was supposed to have been done three weeks ago and they have been fobbing me off with excuses. That triggered an anxiety attack which in turn caused me a flare up

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Oh no.. that is awful that you are being given excuses
for something that needs to be done. Sorry to hear that. I hope they can get in it soon for you. I can see how that would cause a flare, my goodness!
Anyone you can talk to & get it moving for you? Best of luck! x

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Mavis. Did you know, on average each of us will get around 200 colds in a lifetime? Though some appear to suffer more than others then you get the odd ones who don't even get a cold. I think that this is because of the highly individual and complex nature of our immune systems, which are almost as specific to each of us as our fingerprints. Stress however, can negatively impact our immune function which is why people get sick quicker when they are older. I am very sorry and like Michelle said, you are being given excuses. Your ceiling needs to be fixed asap so you can start relaxing and concentrate on yourself and your welbeing. Sorry Mavis xx

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sorry about all this Mavis, I moved into a house a few years ago, i was constantly repairing leaks etc as it wasnt a kept up together house, i had a major flood in the living room so i had to live under that condition for so long, the smell etc, i cleaned the carpet so many times and i was renting, we had leaks from the roof of the lean too, i repaired that aswell ,aswell as a lot of other stuff, that caused lot of stress for me as i never knew what was next, house had a lot of damp issues so was a major problem,i lived in this house for 3 years with problem after problem,I am sorry you are going through anxiety, i know what thats like and depression, i dont get these problems now i dont think,I hope things get better for you soon Mavis, i wish you well

Sarah @sarahuk

I am absolutely sure that stress does play a part, I know it does for me and is my biggest trigger of all! I think the nature of it can be so sudden yes, unfortunately.

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou all for all of your comments. It means a lot to me. They are supposed to be coming tomorrow to put the scaffolding up and starting my roof on Thursday. I'm feeling 50-50 at the moment if they will or not. It wears you down waiting everyday to see if they are coming to fix it. Will let you know tomorrow if the scaffolding is up and Thankyou all again

Maureen @maureen98

Hi Mavis, I am sorry for what you have had to put up with in your home. I only got my P when I was in my mid 60's and it definitely was brought on by stress and anxiety. I also have an auto immune disease called Steven Johnson's Syndrome but only in my mouth (if it's in the skin it's fatal) - it's an allergic reaction to medication which caused the most awful sores in my mouth, especially under the tongue. Needless to say I'm very wary of new medications so am thankful that I am quite healthy at the moment.

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou Maureen I'm sorry for what you are going through. It sounds very painful. I agree with you about the stress and anxiety. I was taught how to calm myself when I had an an anxiety attack. It's concentrating on your breathing to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. It does work but sometimes I get so worked up I forget to do it lol. I can understand how you feel about New medications I would be the same in your position. Wishing you well with any medication you have to take 💗

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