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Anyone went to the dead sea and did you find it?


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Sarah @sarahuk

Not me yet Fahd but I hope I will one day! Interested in experience of others who have been...Following!

Jannie @jannie2469

I have been to the Dead Sea and it is amazing .... dip head to toe in the black mud then float in the extreme salt. Every cut every blemish every flake gone

Rosey @sue2023

When. I add up all costs of lotions,drs specialist maybe dead Sea could be an option,but do the results last?

Fahd @fahd1

I would love to know if they last is well but its worth trying because like you said the cost of treatment and no cure its way over the dead sea budget

Rosey @sue2023

So Jannie did treatment last? Am curious,

Jannie @jannie2469

Nah. But as I worked in Israel it was a must do. Nowadays I just use West Lab Dead Sea salts in my bath lay back enjoy the memories and be thankful of the relief the salts bring

Christopher @Chris0

Good for you, i tried those salts did zip for me tho ;(

Jannie @jannie2469

You know Christopher I read every ones posts every day and I have come to the conclusion that psoriasis seems so personal to each and every one and what works for one person does jack for another and may be this is why there is so little investment in our condition.
What works for you?

John, THE HULK @chewbacca

I have hear a lot about the dead sea since a child in the early 80s,There was no chance i could had gone there then, Luckily my skin now is no where near like it was then but, i remember dreaming in my head about this as a little boy, to have just clear skin by going to the dead sea,,My dad used to know someone years ago whom used to go the dead sea every year, he never used cream or anything,just let it just go bad and waited to go there for his holiday,

Justin @justin1

I have photographs of me floating and reading a newspaper!

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