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Forgotten how ace coconut oil is! Hadn't used it topically in a few years, did today as got fed up of my elbow flakes. Flakes are fine everywhere else at the moment! Since putting coconut oil on them this morning, they have been flake free all day 👍


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Jannie @jannie2469

Fantastic. I love good news

Hilda @hilda3

Use to love using coconut oil but now it does absolutely nothing for me.. think my skin got to use to it I was using it that much 😩😩

Bev @bev43

Such good news Sarah

Michelle @michelle1021

Fantastic Sarah. I knew you would come through with something!

Sarah @sarahuk

I'm the total opposite! It never used to do anything for me and right now it does! Thankfully... I'll take it whilst I can 😁

Linda @justicejones

Wow, that is awesome!

Mavis @mavis

That is brilliant news

Jill @jilliemac

Great to is all natural and I believe that is what helps drugs is my solution for now....lemons ,organic foods, not too much meat, no dairy or nightshades....I think we are quite a smart bunch, glad for everyones' input...

Michelle @mishlyn

Awww so good Sarah! Yes.. coconut oil has been amazing for me too. Do you still have lavender oil kicking around? Its a really good addition!

Sarah @cottonbud

I had the exact same yesterday Sarah. Skin and hair was REALLY dry. Chucked half a handful of coconut oil in the bath last night to soak in and voila! Flake free this morning! Temporary of course, but a good clean slate for my next experiment - CBD balm.

Chris @Chris70

Forgot I had a jar in the fridge !!!!!!

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