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My toe nail cuticles are very dry, no matter how I moisturize them, it stays dry. Is this part of nail P? It's not sentive nor sore.


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Chris @Chris70

I get little dry spots on my toes but nails are ok , try to not wear socks as much as possible , is it just your toes and not hand cuticles Michelle ?

Michelle @michelle1021

Hey Chris. No, only toe. I guess my moisturizer doesn't work. Fingers are great. Only toe cuticles. Maybe because of winter??

Nan195 @lynnie

Hi Michelle, Nipple Cream works well.
Take care šŸŒ¹

Clint @NJClint

Michelle someone up here recommended soaking my feet in hydrogen peroxide...
Wow my feet never felt so nice after only a couple times and my market had large bottle for 88cents

Mishlyn @mishlyn

May very well be the winter air playing havoc with your toe nails. I think it may be a part of nail p. I have been dry like that before. The best thing for my toes has been oil. Either coconut or almond. It does a good job keeping them hydrated. Have you tried the oils as a moisturizer? Hopefully you can see improvement soon! ā¤

Jen @jen1984

Yep what mishlyn says Michelle. Massage oil in and wear cotton socks to bed.

Michelle @michelle1021

Thank for the advice all! Might be because of winter but will start treating the toes.

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