...feeling happy Ats @atul


Stopping citrus juices helped me😳


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Leonie Mateer
Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer

Hi Atul,
Yes, citrus juice is very acidic... but you can eat lemons, limes and grapefruit.. as these fruits turn into alkaline in your body.. acidic foods tend to cause psoriasis flare-ups... Sugar is also very acidic..

Michelle @michelle1021

That is wonderful news Atul! I've never been a fan of citrus :) trust Leonie, she knows :)

James @ferns

I was drinking maybe up to two litres a day for a while but as part of my I allow myself no more than 300ml a day now, the equivalent of two of my five a day, and it's usually apple juice, so I can avoid citrus for a bit, see if it helps.

Sarah @sarahuk

On my elimination diet I was expecting citrus to maybe be an issue but it isn't! Not for me

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