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Having so much time on my hands, I went through people magazine..."cosmetic play".


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Michelle @michelle1021

OK so this woman went for a 2950cc breast enlargement. That is HUGE. I was thinking " lady, I will just be happy for not having P, but you, want bigger breasts " I mean, we don't look at stuff like that. We look at skin improvement etc. People don't realize that they should be privilege to have their health. Looks aren't everything.

Chris @Chris70

I'm a man so cup size or really big hands ? Joking aside we are who we are I wouldn't change a thing there's a reason for everything and we are all stardust in the end .

James @ferns

Hey, I get junk mail for breast enlargement, and penis enlargement, on the same day. What do they think I am?

Erica @Eri

I know what you mean Michelle, I get irritated when someone complains that they are fat (when they are not), about a chipped nail etc... I don't wish for them to have more serious problems but really. Funny thing is those breasts will probably not make her more happy that she is not apparently. Most ladies only do it for their partner anyway. Pffttt really.

Clint @NJClint

Michelle is out of work one day and doesn't know what to do with yourself...
This is a profile of a hard worker....
Go out ...let your hair down
Network with a old friend and get brunch..lol 😁. Kidding

Michelle @michelle1021

Hahaha Clint! One day only. Imagine what I would be up to In 5 days! Lol. Funny bunny.

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Michelle @michelle1021
Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

I really...REALLY love wine...

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