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My scaffolding went up front and back yesterday hooray. They brought everything needed this morning put it all in my back garden and left. Hopefully they will start tomorrow


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Jen @jen1984

That's great Mavis. I hope it will all be repaired soon.

Michelle @michelle1021

Hi Mavis. That would be fantastic if they can fix it soon. Good luck!

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou Jen and Michelle the roofer done some work today so starting to get somewhere at last

Michelle @michelle1021

Wonderful Mavis. Everything will be okay now that they have eventually started :)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

:) :) Great Mavis , :)

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou Michelle and John. I'm glad you said eventually Michelle lol. It's only about a year late that they have started. I have to have a new bathroom and work done on the kitchen because of damp. What do you think another two years to go lol

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