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broke 2 toes this morning at work. Holly molly doesn't know what to do and don't want to be out of work and staying home.


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Margaret R
Margaret R @margaret2023

I used to say if you are going to be injured, best to be either having fun at the time or at work.... but don't know. nowadays if workmens' compensation works the same. Sure hope so... The main thing is to do exactly what they say, so you will heal and hopefully get back to your job.

Michelle @michelle1021

Oh that is so painful Robin. Dont tell me its the punky toe...that is the worst! Sorry about your toes. I hate being without work. What does one do at home? Unfortunately you need to stay at home and give your toes time to heal. I wish you a speedy recovery :)

Rita @rita

So sorry to hear that Robin. I can commiserate with you because I broke 3 toes about 4 years ago. I had a cast instead of the walking boot and i stayed home from work for 6 weeks. It was still painful when I did go back to work because I took the train and had to walk quite a bit after. Happy to say that my foot healed very well but for sure out of all the bones I’ve broken, that was the worse. Speedy recovery!

Robin @robinspiro

Thanks all
It's the long weekend so I am going to rest at least today.

Bev @bev43

So sorry to hear that Robin. Have you strapped the toes up? I broke two toes on New Years Eve. Before the party. I didn't realise it was actually broken as we were away on holiday I didn't go to doc. Two weeks later I found out it was broken. It took 8 weeks before I could wear closed shoes. Luckily it was summer so I could go to work in sandals. Hope your heals quickly Robin

Robin @robinspiro

Bev I strapped my toes and I use a lot of ice. I will be back to work on Tuesday. so bored at home.

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Robin @robinspiro
Toronto, ON, Canada

Hello all, I'm new to the group and I really don't know what to write. I have p since 1992, and tried so many things. Well p is my friend now as I know him for 26 years

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