...feeling happy Ats @atul


Sweating is so good for us,it takes away the toxins out of our bodies


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Michelle @michelle1021

True Atul but too much sweating makes my P itch. Do you itch when sweating?

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Same here Michelle,If i sweat too much i scratch like i got fleas,why its good to be at a good weight,less skin folds etc so sweat dosnt accumulate fast and make that itch, All my skin folds have gone through Diet/lifestyle changes :)

Michelle @michelle1021

That's true John, luckily I'm not that much over weight so I don't sweat a lot. When hiking, i wear tights, so sweating isn't a problem as it gets soaked into the tights. Diet and lifestyle changes us important for us. :)

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