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Hi!somebody did a lynphatic sistem detox? And that made any diference in ps?


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

That makes sense. totally. Have never tried it, have you?

Marmara @marmara

Hi Michell @mishlyn No but I just readed a post very interesting saying that a psoriasis cause could be a toxic lymphatic system,she explained really well and it made so much sense to me,to make it short she said that if the kidneys have a plaque of mucose and toxin for years having an acidic diet, diary,not enough water, etc...they dont work 100% so the skin becomes like in a 3rd kidney and tries to get ride of the toxins that the kidneys are not able to eliminate trough the skin.
I ll try to find it and repost it here.
I think that was a really good point,mos def Im gonna try it

Erica @Eri

@Marmara that sounds very interesting! Kidney problems runs in our family. Really worth looking into.

Marmara @marmara

Yeah I have had kidney issues couple times...

john,Hulk @chewbacca

That i wouldnt know as i dont know my mothers side of the family,mine was passed from my mother so, it wasnt anything particular that set mine off as i was born with it , just the faulty immune system passed from mother to child, thats all i know on it :)

Jill @jilliemac

Does anyone know how do to a lymphatic detox??

Marmara @marmara


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