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Think of the perfect dermatology appointment, what would it be like?


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Ellen @ellen7

It would be with a very positive dermatologist who knew everything about ps and could give me positive help and advice.

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

I wouldn`t know because I haven`t had one.

Ellen @ellen7

I haven’t had one either Lorna but that is what l would be hoping for. I do not hold out much hope though.

Jen @jen1984

Perfect appointment would be with a team of auto immune specialist, skin specialist, dietician, nutritionist and naturopath. All specialised in psoriasis causes and treatments.

john,DARTS VADER @chewbacca

Well Flaym, perfect would be , derm man ,give me the cure and thats it,that would be perfect :)

Rosey @sue2023

Haha no comment as mine is ok but don't listen ,all they want is you to take their drugs,which help the majority ,didnt me,but his good knowing different pple , different results,scratches his head about me as am not clear as his other patients, go figure

James @ferns

"Hello James, take this pill and it will perminantly cure your psoriasis, make you 25 years old again and hung like a horse, oh, and here's five million quid for all the bother you've had".

john,DARTS VADER @chewbacca

HAHA, james,sounds good,Hung like a horse ,okay,, well all this maybe in the next life ay james ? :)

De @de

I agree with Jen. There needs to be a team of Drs. not just a Derm Dr. for P. My Perfect appointment would be no biopsies and walk in appointments.

Kathryn @kathryn3

I must say I saw a new one this time and he was very on the ball. He changed all of my skin creams and shampoos body washes. He put me in with this light treatment of which im on 15 session out of 30. He also made a referral for me to see a rheumatologist. So i couldn't fault him for effort. The light treatment is curing me this time and I've also got it on my face this time so i fear I have a worse flare up this time and I'm getting worried my face is going to stay horrible like this 😓😓

Jannie @jannie2469

Dark ,handsome ,good listener, suffering with the big P, would be great for a start.....

tommy @tommyboy2

You need Derm/ Rheum heads together it helped me!!!

Ellen @ellen7

Can anyone recommend one who works in Melbourne Australia.

Suze @suze

My current dermatologist doctor was a referral from my primary care doctor. The dermatologist is an experienced, veteran doctor (has been practicing for 50+ years). He knows his stuff BUT he can be too efficient in that there is minimal knowledge of MY specific or even general health history. He’s in and out way too fast. Why I share this is because for the last year I’ve been getting injections every 90 days to control my psoriasis; very successful results. However, my initial new patient paperwork indicated that I have Osteoarthritis which may have also been treatable with a different injectable (for both psoriasis and arthritis). Too late now though; I’ve just been diagnosed with RA, Psoriatic Arthritis in addition to the osteoarthritis. Additionally, I’m showing secondary symptoms of all three due delayed treatment. Wish my dermatologist had listened.

Michelle @michelle1021

You know what Jannie, I know someone like that but he is not a derm.
Flaym, the perfect derm for me would definitely be someone who really cares about our condition and what we are going through, physically and emotionally. Give advice and it would be wonderful if he can have P as well, do experiments on himself etc.

Keturah @keturah1

Someone who is familiar with p in people of color. And not assume its JUST dry skin

roslyn @roslyn

i dont know the perfect apt , but , i have this terrible itch on my head and body , i was given fluocinonide to put on my scalp every night and the same in a greasy cream form , b ut the one for my head is not greasy,, iam suppose to put the greasy one all over my body and apply a lotion over it , an y kind of lotion , ive missed a few days , im suppose to do this for a month , if it doesnt work then he said he mite have to do blood work to see what is causing the severe itch , i feel like a greased pig i cant stand this dirty feeling , it has helped the dryness in my skin but im still itchy i have a few more weeks to go before i go back to the derm

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Lemon for itchy skin helped me and rub it on many times.

Genevieve @Genevieve

I would want a dermatologist who's had P themselves. Someone who truly understands. Someone open to alternative treatments, willing to listen to their patients. Someone who is proactive about trialling alternative treatments, and who would be open to work with an immunologist, homeopath, acupuncturist, naturopath, and osteopath. Willing to look at nutrition. Sigh....

Jannie @jannie2469

Oh Genevieve I have met this person you describe he runs a pain relief clinic in Buckinghamshire so want to kidnap him and move him to Lincolnshire

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