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Some spots showing up on my sons face. Panic attack for me! Im acting all cool of course. He has been in the sun tons so can I assume phototherapy will not work?


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Jen @jen1984

So good you can stay cool. Panicking won't help you or him. Keep getting that sunshine but not too much. Early mornings only! Try aloe Vera gel on his face. Also might be a good time to get him on a p diet.

Sarah @sarahuk

I don't think we can ever assume anything with psoriasis! UV treatment may affect him completely differently than natural sunlight... I think UV treatment on the face isn't normally recommended though, from what I've heard!

psomom @psomom

Good to note about the face and UV. New spots a cropping up all over. I was feeling like we were on the right path but I guess not there yet so will keep trying new things. I’d love to do a P diet but the best we can do right now is no sugar and no Night shades...after we return from our vacation 😀

john,Hulk @chewbacca

Sounds good psomom, i hope your son will get good results from diet/lifestyle changes, it does take a time though to see real results, i wish him and you well :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Psomim, sorry to hear about this and you're doing a great job by not panicking. Think back what your son had to eat and avoid it totally. The sun is good for P but don't let him get sunburned. Good luck :)

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psomom @psomom
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I don’t have P but my 13 yr old son does. I’m so grateful to have found this site in my quest to help him!

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