...feeling angry Aimee @aimee1


Frustrated!!!!! Very bad flare, feet busted open so bad and hurting. Everyone else at Lake, feel like I’m missing out on life


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Joyce @joyce6

Hang in there Aimee, that really sucks for you but it will get better! I really believe that a positive attitude makes a huge difference with p as stress is a known trigger for breakouts. ((((())))) sending hugs 😁

psomom @psomom

Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been managing my stress with YouTube videos by Micheal Sealey and also youarecreators. Not everyones cup of tea but has done wonders for me and stress (among other things). The ‘law of vibration’ by Bob Proctor was the first one I listened to. 10 minutes long and it profoundly changed my life. I don’t have P but I have had issues with stress, anxiety and depression.

Rosey @sue2023

Oh Aimee really feel for you , keep trying to find what works be it natural or on scripts,no one should suffer,stay positive gal

Aimee @aimee1

Thanks y’all! (Yes I’m from the south 😊) It just really helps that other people understand this roller coaster we live on

Aimee @aimee1
Batesville, MS, USA

Much to young to feel this old

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